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With creators and community at our core, we emphasize the importance of unleashing art beyond the traditional canvas and into the everyday world. At the intersection of art, culture and technology we bridge various industries and create experiences aimed to connect, inspire and impact those around us.

Our mission is to create unforgettable moments.

vasia makris.

founder & ceo

Vasia Makris, the founder of moments a creative agency

Establishing herself as one of the leading female voices and thought leaders in Web3, Vasia is experienced in spearheading new initiatives, brand collaborations, public speaking, community building, coordinating large scale events and curating exhibitions.

Co founder of The Crypt Gallery, world’s 1st NFT gallery in hospitality, and our founder, Vasia is passionate about onboarding and artist representation. As an experienced strategic advisor, she specifically aims to bridge industries through Web3, with a focus on culture and creators.

As a former educator, Vasia brings unique skills into her current work with the ultimate vision of inspiring and impacting the world.

Previous clients include Christie’s Auction House, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Dream Hotel Group, Ice Cube’s Big3 League, Mario Chalmers, Trevor Jones and Emanuele Ferrari.


With limitless opportunities and creative directions, all projects and services are customized to best fit our client’s needs.

Although not limited to the following categories, we do place a specific focus on:


Working closely with brands to develop unique and strategic projects that are innovative and in line with their ethos. We emphasize the importance of collaboration and connect the dots with strategic partners to create memorable experiences bridging art, culture and tech.

From advisement to project management and full service execution, our team is flexible to best support each client’s needs. Projects range from purely digital formats to events and large scale activations.


Offering management services in both traditional and digital art, our team is equipped to provide support in sales, branding and marketing.

Focused on supporting artists and their growth in multiple industries, we also connect creators to brands and organizations for collaboration and unique opportunities. Our services range from long term contracts to project based collaborations.


Living in a digital era, we believe activations and in person events are essential in enhancing relationships, community building and creating unforgettable moments.

We develop customized events, exhibitions, and fundraisers for larger impact and maximized exposure, with culture, innovation and art at the core.


We are excited to be celebrating our agency’s launch & announcing upcoming projects shortly.

Stay tuned!