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Vasia Makris, founder of moments., a creative agency

Introduced to Web3 in 2021, Vasia Makris left her full time career in education to establish The Crypt Gallery. Co founder of the world’s first NFT gallery in hospitality, Vasia quickly gained experience in event and project management, curations and exhibitions, community building and artist relations.

As the industry gained momentum, she had the opportunity to work on major events and activations alongside global artists and brands. With the aim of bringing people together and fostering community, yet always keeping art and culture at the forefront, events ranged from exhibitions and drop parties to private events and satellite events for major conference weeks.

Within the same year of opening their first location in Los Angeles at Dream Hollywood, The Crypt Gallery quickly expanded and opened their second location, at Dream Downtown in New York City. As COO, Vasia was responsible for managing both locations, spearheading new community initiatives, enhancing digital engagement and social media presence, maintaining artist relations, developing brand collaborations and optimizing daily operations to allow for scalability.

Previous clients include Christie’s Auction House, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Dream Hotel Group, Ice Cube’s Big3 League, Mario Chalmers, Trevor Jones, Emanuele Ferrari, Gabe Weis and AlienQueen.

With her growing experience as a builder and innovator in Web3, Vasia quickly noticed the disconnect between mainstream adoption and education needed to grow and scale the industry. She also noticed the need to make Web3 initiatives relatable and tangible to mass audiences in order to ensure integration.

Returning to her teaching roots, Vasia is passionate about onboarding the masses through strategic brand advisement and the creation of meaningful projects that keep art, community and culture at its core.

Resigning as COO, Vasia launched moments. a creative agency aimed to bridge industries and create meaningful experiences that connect, impact and inspire.

As a female in Web3 with a very unique journey, Vasia continues to pursue speaking engagements around the world. She aims to not only advocate and educate, but also inspire others to dream big, think outside the box and chase their passions – because truly anything is possible.

previous clients.

Mario Chalmers x THR33S
Miami 2023

Ice Cube x Big3
NYC Private Event

NFT NYC 2023

NFT LA 2023

NFT NYC 2022
SuperRare x Chevrolet

NFT LA 2022

Lefty Out There Exhibition

Exhibition and Drop Party

LA Opening Event 2021

Christie’s showcase in collaboration with Art Blocks x Curio Cards

Chevrolet x Corvette x SuperRare NYC Activation

Trevor Jones Bitcoin Angel

Mad Rabbits Riot Club

Infinity Art + Tech Festival

Micah Johnson x Aku LA Takeover

Liam Payne x Zedd x Gary Vee ‘Lonely Bug’ LA Takeover

Trevor Jones

Violetta P. Jones

John Orion Young

Emanuele Ferrari


Perry Cooper

David Henry Nobody Jr.

Steve Joester

Carlos Luna James


David Bianchi

Rizacan Kumas


René Mäkelä

Big Comic

Gabe Weis

Mistr G


Young & Sick



Idil Dursun

Emre Yusufi

J.N. Silva

Angela Nikolau

Jake Inez

Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

Daniel Martin

Henrik Uldalen

Santiago Pani

Raphaël Erba

Brendan North

Jesse Draxler

Anita Sadowska

Ivo Nupoort


Nolan Martin

Alan Bolton





Esra Eslen

Zak Tustont

  • AMSTERDAM 2023 / Future Beatz
    NFTs: Evolution and Beyond
  • NFT NYC 2023 / Annual Castle Party and Community Building with Trevor Jones
  • NFT NYC 2022 / Cultivating a Loyal NFT Community for the Long-Term
  • WEB3 SUMMIT | Women Web3 Miami 2022


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